Friday, January 04, 2008

Mangled Movie Quotes -- A quiz

The idea is to recognize the quote and recall the actual quote along with the movie title and the character and/or actor who said it. Have fun!

Q01: "Play it again, Sam"
Q02: "Frankly, sweetcakes, I don't give a rat's ass."
Q03: "Sundance, we've jumped off a cliff!"
Q04: "I fully expect to return to this location forthwith."
Q05: "If that's on the menu, I'd like some, too."
Q06: "The odor of gellified gasoline burning is refreshing."
Q07: "We just ain't understandin' one another, are we?"
Q08: "You idiots! You made the Statue of Liberty fall over!"
Q09. "I desire to be in the Midwest. I desire to be in the Midwest."
Q10: "They call me Mister Pibs."
Q11: "The protuberance leading to a flower in a plant of a prickly shrub."
Q12: "Quit bending the eating utensils... they've all gone missing."
Q13: "There are few entrepreneurial endeavors akin to theatrical production!"
Q14: "Stock. Jamie Stock."
Q15: "The enemy cannot push a button if you pin his hand it to the wall with a throwing knife!"
Q16: "Credentials? I do believe we are without credentials. Sorry."
Q17: "Lordy, Look! That black rectangle thingy is full of stairs!"
Q18: "If you stay here, you will die."
Q19: "I guess you consider fortune on your side today?"
Q20: "I am well versed in Chinese martial arts."
Q22: "Your hunt for the automatons must continue."
Q23: "Asps. No big deal. Follow me."
Q24: "Whether I am morally right or wrong, I have the firearm."
Q25: "The cardiologist has inadvertantly inserted a cooked vegetable. As a result, your life expectancy has been significantly reduced."
Q26: "Help me feel good about my actions this afternoon."
Q27: "I guess I'll just boil, then eat, my shoe."
Q28: "I figure that vessel of yours is a tad too small"
Q29: "What is your serious failure, unfeeling testicles?"
Q30: "African legumes and Tuscan wine go really well with a fresh sweetbread."
Q31: "My parental adviser reduces existence to a random selection of sweetpacket contents."
Q32: "Some people are in that TV static!"
Q33: "I intend to capture you, lovely young lady, and I'm not a big fan of canines, either."
Q34: "Hablo el xp, infant"
Q35: "I'm remarkably indifferent toward these slithering creatures sharing my flight."
Q36: "I intend to make an irresistible proposition."
Q37: "Is it me to whom you are addressing your apparently derogatory comments?"
Q38: "Dear sirs, violence is out of the question inside this aptly named establishment!"
Q39: "That is not the Thracian for which you are looking!"
Q40: "Hugh made me want to eat a buttered yam."
Q41: "La la la! I'm a welder-slash-wet-t-shirt-dancer trying out for the ballet! La la la!"
Q42: "Are you armed with a deadly weapon, or is that a general indication of fondness?"
Q43: "It seems strange to me that you should mention mortality and the 16th Amendment together."
Q44: "We have clearance, Roger." "Roger, Clarence."
Q45: "Jonny, do you like movies like Q39?"
Q46: "Their arrival is conditional on your completion of the construction."
Q47: "Go out and search for whatever criminals we usually blame."
Q48: "Andrea!"
Q49: "Estrella!"
Q50: "But it goes to 0x0b!"
Q51: "She had physical contact with my member, Steven."
Q52: "Giddiup, Yee Ha! Mister Falcone!"
Q53: "You may refer to me as Ickymeal."
Q54: "Let's go, Argentum!"
Q55: "I'll have a citrus flavoured soda. In an unhygienic tumbler..."
Q56: "There's a way to make music without using your vocal chords. Do you know the technique?"
Q57: "The organizational charter of this Bridge Club specifies that we must never talk about Bridges."
Q58: "He done gots da wrong-ass cup."
Q59: "Alien email"
Q60: "You better stay on THAT side of this crumbling stone bridge thing!"
Q61: "Lulu tends to end up with objects she desires."
Q62: "Oooh, chewing gum!"
Q64: "Look! The palm crystal indicates that you've updated your magazine subscription!"
Q65: "Wake Up!"
Q66: "Start in the center of that RIDICULOUS SPIRAL, and move forward along the oddly-colored pavement."
Q67: "It's The Really REALLY Big Guy Made Out of Spongy Candy!"
Q68: "Physician, Tired, Stupid, Shy, ... etc."
Q69: "The square root of one thousand, seven hundred and sixty four."
Q70: "Two words: Poly Urethane."
Q71: "Give me more information! Give me more information! E.g., Does the guy own an automobile?"
Q72: "Enough with the tears, Uruguay!"
Q73: "The Electricity of Jesus Forces You!"
Q74: "Hey, Cambodia!"
Q75: "I have no desire to wield my weapon, and you'd prefer to continue living."
Q76: "La, La, La! I'm a purple hippo in a tutu. La La La!"
Q77: "There is a certain level of difficulty in being ecologically correct."
Q78: "Mathew, I am your Uncle's Second Cousin, Once Removed."
Q79: "How many can I serve, Chino, and still have one small glass of tequila left for me?"
Q80: "One measuring unit of this refined beet pulp product ought to help prevent the usual gag reflex."
Q81: "Cool!" [I'll just walk on this large piano]
Q82: "Cherubim sprout strange appendages whenever you experience certain harmonic vibrations."
Q83: "One advantage of friendship is that you get to avoid apologizing."
Q84: "It's expensive, and it belongs to me."
Q85: "There's an outside chance that I might have become a top prizefighter."
Q86: "As ruler of the earth, I'm practically certain that I won't fall into the ocean!"
Q87: "It's a mine you can glue, it's a gluey mine."
Q88: "Dallas, it seems we're in a bit of a pickle."

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